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CENELEC Compliance

The European standard requiring RAMS (the abbreviation for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) to be demonstrated for electronic railway systems is represented by the CENELEC standard EN50126. The standard is further elaborated in the related standards EN50129 (concerning safety), EN50128 (concerning software and hardware) and EN50159 (concerning transmission systems, both wired and wireless). A related standard for the security of railway applications is under development. Part of the services we provide is the development of safety cases for products ('generic products'), integrated systems and applied products ('generic applications'), and engineered installations that are installed on site for specific railways ('specific applications'). Our experience is not limited to so-called 'waterfall' product development but also includes Agile/Scrum. Our ENGIRAMS consultants have prepared such safety cases in the past for many projects among which are:

  • the Amsterdam-Utrecht ERTMS Level 2 and automatic train protection (ATB-EG) signalling system (EBILOCK);
  • the Spoorzone Delft signalling system (EBS);
  • the Limburg Noord signalling system (iVPI);
  • a PLC interlocking system for conventional railway signalling; and
  • the RET Hoekselijn signalling system for both metro and freight trains.

In this repect, our consultants have been working for signalling system introductions by Bombardier, Siemens, HIMA and Alstom. We are supporting either the system supplier or the customer (infrastructure manager or engineering company).

Our ENGIRAMS consultants have created risk analysis files for railway organisations introducing significant safety-relevant changes in their systems or rail infrastructure, such as the introduction of new interlockings, of radio block centers (RBCs), and for Automatic Train Operation (ATO) testing purposes.